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When you attempt to learn about music systematically, you discover there are three essential elements: melody, rhythm, and harmony. These are the elements you need to create the kind of music you want.

As we create music for customers, it’s not really about how we create the music you want. In many cases it’s more about what are we supposed to create to meet your requirements.

If you take it one step further, the theme would be: “What do we need to do fulfill the requirements of the client,” as well as “what can we do to make the client happy?” Then it becomes more than just manipulating those three elements of music mentioned earlier.

We’re hoping to contribute to the happiness of our clients and users as we work in this joyous industry of music production, which will lead to our further development as a commercial enterprise. We shall always strive to provide a pleasant, harmonious experience that brings happiness and satisfaction to everyone involved.

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Julydex Co., Ltd.
March , 2019
4-2-2 Katase, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa Japan 251-0032